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Expect script if statement
Expect script if statement

Expect script if statement

Download Expect script if statement

Download Expect script if statement

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usr/bin/expect script is interpreted via expect located in directory /usr/bin; spawn you must place the statement begin brace on the same line as the if or else.

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if statement script expect

Jan 18, 2011 - If you are new to expect, read our 6 expect script examples (including hello Note: For expect command line arguments, read 6 Expect Script Mar 21, 2013 - I have the follow expect script which adds a known host if a known host does not exist. #!/usr/bin/expect spawn ssh user@domain "cdMar 15, 2011 - in an expect script? I have a file host1 host2 host3 And a shell script that exec Can you do if else statements in expect? I would like to log Sep 6, 2013 - Two errors I spotted: missing close brace, probably for the "continue connecting" block; missing space before the open brace of "continue connecting"

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and if my script logs in to another box, it would be a different shell prompt How do i get my expect script to recognize that? send command . Jun 24, 2012 - If not try becoming root and issuing the same command. Expect is an extention to the Tcl scripting language so it uses all of Tcl's syntax. Expect, an extension to the Tcl scripting language written by Don Libes, is a program to Expect has regular expression pattern matching and general program the script can make an intelligent decision about what action to take, if any. Hi, I am new to expect script and I am having difficulty in adding an if statement into a expect FTP login script. Here is the code: Code: #!Can i use if else inside expect command in shell script 2 posts27 Jul 2012Help With Expect Script IF with Multiple Conditions3 posts21 Jun 2012if else in Expect script | Unix Linux Forums | Shell 3 posts24 Aug 2011If and else statement with Expect | Unix Linux Forums 1 post13 Nov 2009More results from www.unix.comExpect 10, 2013 - Expect comes with a bunch of examples that are indispensable and unique suited to demonstrate how expect grab everything from a shell command. or if the state of the shell is already set up before you run the Tcl Script,

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